Elvington Everyman Racing Aston MartinNot long back from a quick trip to Yorkshire.
The main reason for going was to participate in a Super car Driving Experience at Everyman Racing in Elvington.

Despite the fog, it was a fantastic morning!
Got the chance to drive an Aston Martin, Ferrari and, my favourite, a Lamborghini.

Victor aircraft Yorkshire air museumThe track is next to the Yorkshire Aviation Museum so it would be rude not to pop in.
To be honest, I thought the £8  entry free was a bit steep but we spent a few hours looking around the exhibits which include a Halifax, Spitfire and Tornado.
Some of these aircraft can be seen from the track, rather distracting (-:

My first night was spent at the lovely Fifth Milestone Cottage a few miles outside York, not far from the Park & Ride and a short drive to the Elvington track.
Dinner was taken at the Windmill pub, a few minutes walk down the road. A pork and apple burger topped with black pudding & pepper sauce proved to be a tasty choice!

The next night was spent at the Woolly Sheep Inn, Skipton.
This pub with rooms is situated right in the heart of Skipton.  Breakfast was taken here along with an evening meal. Black pudding was on the menu again, this time with braised belly pork and bbq pork fillet. Very nice!

So, after two consecutive meals containing black pudding and wondering what to do with the last day of the short break, I concluded it might be an idea to track down the best black pudding in Yorkshire.
I didn’t have far to go.
One of the two branches of Keelham farmshop is located just a mile or so outside of Skipton and is home to the black pudding voted ‘Best in Yorkshire‘ in 2013  Their black pudding with haggis is also very good and worth a try.

Keelham Farmshop is definitely worth a look if you’re around Thornton or Skipton. They have a very good range of products ranging from locally produced fruit, veg and meat to beers and wines all at a reasonable price

Yorkshire Black Pudding Keelham farm shopI found the black pudding a bit denser  with more body than it’s counterpart from the other side of the Pennines. I think this may be down to more oats and/or barley in the mix.

Many would argue that the best black pud comes from Bury in Lancashire or Stornoway but the Yorkshire stuff is still extremely good!