Sunday, and it was unseasonably warm and sunny for the end of September.
I had already done quite a lot of walking on the Monday and Tuesday (more about that in a later post) so I was wanting something not very technical but where I could still rack up the miles. Cue Lynn Brenig, near Denbigh.  A reservoir and one of the largest areas of inland water in Wales.
The area isn’t just for walking, fishing is popular as is cycling. Bikes can be hired from the visitors centre. There is also an  archaeological  route which passes visits a number of prehistoric burial and ritual sites.

Lake Lynn BrenigAfter parking up in the huge car park, paying the £2 parking fee  and making a quick use of the ‘facilities’ in the visitors centre, I headed toward the water which looked lovely with the sunshine shimmering.
The plan was to do the 9 or so miles around the lake, turning right from the visitors centre to go around anti-clockwise.
The path is very easy to follow, a large track designed for walkers and cyclists that follows along side the lake up to the damn at the far end, however, this track soon becomes a road with the occasional vehicle going past.

End of lakeFor about half of the walk, the path/road is some distance from the lake and perhaps the walk would have been better done in a clockwise direction as the views do become rather disappointing the other way round!
At one point, near the far end of the lake, you do have the option to leave the road for a while, however the track here can become a bit muddy.

All in all, it’s an easy walk with little in the way climbing or descending, a good way to rack up a few miles, however, it’s a shame that most of the walk is on what is, in essence, a minor road.
If I returned to the area, I would probably head out towards the Clocaenog Forest.

I stopped off at the visitor centre cafe for a quick coffee before heading home. The cafe veranda offers great views across the lake, however, given the lovely weather, it was full when I arrived. Decent cuppa  and a good choice of snacks and meals.

Download the route
 The walk can be extended to around 14 miles by continuing on to the Alwen Reservoir